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New writer's Kickstarter rewards worth $400 for just $5

It is time again to write about a wonderful Kickstarter that will run for another three days and is for several bundles of books on writing.

The books are great. I know it because I own most of them. I love especially the book "Writing Into The Dark." It is about how to do improvisational or discovery writing - writing without an outline.

Since I just can't write to an outline, and barely any book talks about what it takes to write a whole book into the unknown, this book has been a wonderful guidepost on my path to finding out the tricks and techniques of discovery writing.

The Kickstarter has already funded. BUT the stretchgoals are still being worked on. Already everybody who supports it at the 5$-level or up gets the first two Quarters of 2018 of the "Tips of the Week" which are 26 short videos with tips on all kinds of writing and publishing topics that are great to know (worth $100).

Everybody also gets the two non-fiction books: "The Freelancer's Survival Guide" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and "The First Tee Panic" by Dean Wesley Smith. I don't know that last book yet and am looking forward to reading it once they ship it.

Just today the third stretch goal got unlocked and everyody receives the first Future Workshop: Refresh & Renew, a workshop that sells regularly for 300$ and that I am so happy we get.

And if another 1500$ get together we also will get the last, unbelievable big stretch goal reward, which is a bundle of 6 classic workshops about how to write in 6 different genres: Mystery, SF, Fantasy, Thrillers, Westerns and Time Travel - worth another $600!

I hope the money comes together for all the stretchgoals of this amazing Kickstarter because I'd really really love to get these classic workshops as well!


PS: Have you seen the Kickstarter reward for a $150 3-week workshop on how to write a creative non-fiction book? Go get it if you'd ever want to write creative non-fiction!
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