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Year of the Cat Kickstarter: Make 100 Cat Stories

I love Kickstarters. This one is again from Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch, two long-time professional authors.

By now their Kickstarter has funded, has hit the third stretch goal and is on its way to the fourth one.

I hope we make that one simply because one of the rewards for the fourth stretch goal will be a 150$ workshop (~6h long, one of the blue classic ones on page 3) from them for writers that I'd love to get.

BUT as of yesterday we already get a lecture (~1h long) on some writerly topic we can choose among their 30 or so lectures.

I think this time I'll choose the one about how to create book covers on your own. It should be good since the one who does it does great covers for their publishing company.

Everyone from the 5$ level and up gets those stretch goal rewards, so have fun.

What is interesting, too, is that one of the rewards that you can choose when you support this Kickstarter is a little workshop about how to write fascinating cat short stories. And there is a chance that they'll buy it from you for this anthology when you write one for that workshop.

CATS! How cute!
I totally recommend it. :)

--> http://kck.st/38O0yAU (Only 56 hours to go!)
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