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Another fun Kickstarter!

In my last entry I told you about that Kickstarter that this writing couple (Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith) did half a year ago, and those of you who took part in it got these wonderful stretch goal rewards of a lecture (1h long teaching on a writing topic) from Dean or Kris, a 6h long writing workshop, and two lecture series (6h or so) and got to see the quality of their teaching materials (developed by both but mostly taught (on camera) by Dean).
(I really like their courses, and they have interesting, rather unusual topics on writing. The reward I got from the last kickstarter really helped my writing move forward, which was great!)

So right now another Kickstarter by those two is running, this time mostly done by Dean.
It has another 53 hours left and they have nearly reached the 5th stretch goal which is a lecture series they just recently finished to film, and they have another nice stretch goal for writers right after that.

So if any of you like their style or are interested in weird fiction (the magazine they fund through this Kickstarter) or want to sample their teachings this Kickstarter might just be the thing for you!

I most look forward to the classic workshop reward that is in one of the stretch goals the Kickstarter has already reached, but I would be delighted if they'd reach the 30k reward level somehow! The rewards are wonderful!

"So here is the total if we can somehow hit $30,000 with this Kickstarter.
-- One extra Issue of the magazine on your subscription.
-- 6 different books in electronic format.

And for the writers or your writer friends...
-- Choice of lecture ($50 value)
-- Choice of Classic Workshop ($150 value)
-- Myth Lecture Bundle ($200 value) ($25,000 level...NOT HIT YET!)
-- Pop-Up 6-10 Bundle ($600 value) ($30,000 LEVEL...NOT HIT YET!)

And yes, any reward or any of these extra stretch rewards can be gifted.
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