Talea Nea (taleanea) wrote,
Talea Nea

Today I checked out the links I had to prompt communities and the like.

WriterVerse still lives, more or less, the others not so much.

LJIdol is not on LJ (what's in a name, hello?) but still active which is cool. Only I can't participate in it because it's already running and therefore closed to new players. But I can vote and stuff. And write to these prompts on my own.

I need to redo my blog a little, I think. The links are from 2014/2015 when I was last active here.
And now, what now? I'll see. Doesn't matter. I'd like to write again for real.

Tags: archive : 2019, language : english, project : daily, rec : community, writing : on writing
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