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Talea Nea
The Palace And That Bloody Girl - Talea Nea — LiveJournal
September 2019

Fairy Tales


"For me, it's always that Mary Poppins thing. I'll do it until the wind changes." Neil Gaiman

"Real writers, and real artists, finish books and move on to the next project." Holly Lisle

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Talea Nea
The Palace And That Bloody Girl

When the princess entered her castle, she found it empty. The walls were bare, the floors were clean, the tables were gone, and the doors were shut closed.
There was a ball of fire in the middle of the main hall, and it said:

"Go to the left."

She doused it, kicked the ashes out, and went upstairs, not caring for directions.
Another fireball awaited her there.
She glowered at it, then teleported it a hundred feet deep into one of the great lakes.

What am I even doing here? she asked herself, now pissed off.

She went upstairs. Like, high up. Highest room of the highest tower, and such.
Then she went up the roof, too, and looked around.

Land. More land. Sunset.
Quite pretty, actually. If there were actual people around her, if the castle was actually livable, meaning, furnished, it might be nice, even. Nice to live here.

Or not. She went back into that room. It was empty, of course. Unfurnished.
So she built a bed from nothing, created it as black and red wood, with a nice mattress, with a pillow filled with feathers and with a colourful heavy blanket as well, and went to sleep.

She awoke to sunshine. Bright, light, yellow. (Why is it that you always wake up too late, and too early as well?) The princess got up and built a table from thin air; a heavy oak table with lovely ornamental stuff all over it. She smiled.

There was breakfast on the table and lunch as well. There were fruits and milk and a bowl with biscuits. So she ate.
Finally she looked into the morning sun. "Now what?" she asked.

She spend the day painting the walls and the ceiling and building a piano so she could play. She hung up some draperies and told the floor to get dressed. (A lovely carpet, of course. She's a princess, after all! Style is generally their middle name.)

And at night, she wrote a good book under candle light. She had built a nearly inhabitable little room for herself.

In the morning she awoke to the song of birds, and sighed.
"Did I tell you to come?" she asked the birds resigned, and they, like proper birds, ignored her. "Right. I'll build better windows next."

That day she stayed in her room, doing mostly detail work and filling her cupboards and treasure chests with books and jewelry, and her wardrobe with beautiful dresses. She didn't feel up to facing her empty castle yet.

But at night she went up, high, high up like a bird, like an eagle, up nearly as high as the moon, and looked at her world.
"Let there be life!" she wispered.

And there was life. (Most of it slept.)

The next morning a cat had found her way into her room (well, that had been unavoidable), and a birdcage with a canary stood on her dresser.
"Honestly!" she said, and shooed the bird out of the window. (The cat, though, was allowed to stay.)

It took a while until she was happy with how the castle looked. Then she finally opened the castle doors, and the doors to her world as well, and from that moment on travellers and settlers, merchants and attendants, farmers and pretty girls, grandmothers and many an adventurer found their way into her world and castle.

And they lived there happily ever after. (Hopefully.)


This was unique, but when I think about fireballs, I think about Donkey Kong! So, if some big Ape carries the princess away, I think we might just time warp back to Week [3]!


I'm not sure the princess would stand for such treatment! *g* But if she wouldn't be able to defeat Donkey Kong we'd have to introduce an actual hero to the story who could defeat him. :)