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Talea Nea
Fire Castle — Fiction, ~600 words, Fairy Tale - Talea Nea
April 2019

Fairy Tales


"For me, it's always that Mary Poppins thing. I'll do it until the wind changes." Neil Gaiman

"Real writers, and real artists, finish books and move on to the next project." Holly Lisle

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Talea Nea
Fire Castle — Fiction, ~600 words, Fairy Tale

Fire Castle

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess in a forsaken castle in the middle of a smelly swamp. There were dragons in the air and dragons in the water.
There was poison everywhere, and loud evil noises could be heard from one end of the kingdom to the next.

Yet the princess remained in her castle fighting off any dragon attack as much as she could, hoping for a break in the cloud cover so that the sunshine would destroy the foul beasts.

But every day the poison of the dragons filled the sky with even more clouds, and the princess did not know what to do to save her kingdom.

Then, one day, a prince rode by on a white horse. Sunshine surrounded him, falling on the path before him, and on the path behind him, too.

When the princess saw all that sunshine coming toward her castle she called out to the prince, begging him to help her defeat the dragons in the water and the air that had overrun her kingdom but the prince called back telling her that there was no path leading into the castle safely; he would sink and die and be of no help to her anyway if he tried to reach her.

But she pleaded with him to help her defeat these dragons, so he relented and promised to teach her from afar how to clear the air around her so that sunshine could break through to her despite the poisons and the fires of the dragons that came against the castle during every night and during every day.

So the prince built a camp outside the castle walls, as close to the princess' castle as he could dare.

During the day he taught her to defeat the dragons (after all they had enough real-life examples flying around and attacking them), and also to clear the atmosphere and the waters, and to build a hedge of fire so fierce around her castle that the dragons would not be able to overcome the castle walls anymore.

But at night he slew any dragons that tried to harm him so that he would stop teaching the princess.

After many days and many nights the princess finally managed to light a fire around her castle that went up from the castle walls high into the sky, higher than the dragons could fly (for while they do try very hard they can't get all that high), a fire so fierce that it could not be overcome by any dragon attack.

Outside the firey walls the prince stood watch over the castle, continuing to mentor the princess in the art of war against the evil beasts until the sun became visible through a hole in the cloud cover. From that moment on the sunshine burned away the poison in the ground, in the air and in the trees.

The few dragons that were still alive and fighting them, were unable to withstand the bright sunlight and fell to the ground, dead.

The clouds dissolved, the swamp dried up, and sunlight filled the whole kingdom once again, healing and repairing every poisoned thing, every broken wall, and the kingdom was restored to its former glory.

The prince returned to his own country leaving a bright rainbow in his wake, and the princess reigned since that time in peace and sunshine happily ever after.

The End

Inspired by the prompt "Nobody can ride your back if your back's not bent".


Nicely done.