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Talea Nea
Only Human — Fiction, ~500 words, Urban Fantasy, Part 2/? - Talea Nea
April 2019


"For me, it's always that Mary Poppins thing. I'll do it until the wind changes." Neil Gaiman

"Real writers, and real artists, finish books and move on to the next project." Holly Lisle

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Talea Nea
Only Human — Fiction, ~500 words, Urban Fantasy, Part 2/?

Only Human

"What do you want?" the star said to Ephaniel.

"I'm just looking around, you know," he said while opening up her kitchen drawers and cupboards like a child on christmas opening presents.

"Why did you make it so human?" he asked, sounding stunned. "So boringly utterly human!"

"That's where I am, right? In the human world? It's nothing but humanness and shrubbery."

"The trees?" he asked. "They're intimidating, aren't they?"

"Not the dead ones," the star murmured but Ephaniel just shrugged.

"If humans wanted to live they'd have started a long time ago, but they're far too happy with feeling sorry for themselves to—"

"Oh, shut it already!" the star exclaimed. "Make it better or leave!"

Ephaniel turned to study her. "You in your stupid human kitchen," he said slowly. "What are you changing for them, pray tell? — Nothing, that's what! You whine and bitch about being lost and forgotten here, instead of just accepting this wonderful adventure! And then you get cross at anyone who points it out to you!
"You need to wake up from your daydreams, honey, but apparently that drop on this planet here wasn't enough. We should have dumped you into the abyss with its eternal furnaces instead!"

At that the star turned away and left the kitchen.
Through the corridor she went and out of the house, walking swiftly. She didn't seem to be doing anything except walking but the air around her got steadily brighter.

"Right," Ephaniel murmured back in her kitchen. "Run and hide, as always."

There was a forest nearby that the star visited nearly every day. It had a creek, some loud birds, and a group of stags.
There must always be stags in a forest.

The star walked the usual path, angry in her heart, stunned, and lonely. Thinking back at her encounter with Ephaniel only made the air around her brighter and brighter. In the middle of the forest she stopped, and sat down in the soft grass of her meadow.

'He's right, you know,' she thought to herself after a time. 'Here on earth or there in the kingdom; it doesn't matter where you are: you should have started to shine as soon as you got here. No matter what anyone says.'

She sighed. The world turned a bit. Birds chirped, butterflies fluttered by, and the star let go of most of her anger (and fear).

'And what now?' she wondered. 'What should I do now?' — 'Return and shine,' she answered herself. 'But how?' — 'Step by step, as always.'

So she took a deep breath, looked around: at the forest, at the meadow, at the sky, and, the decision made, she stood up and went back.

Ephaniel sat in a rocking chair in the garden, shooting flashes of light at the ground, probably to get it to grow crystal flowers or marshmellow bushes.
"You're back," he said, sounding less than enthusiastic. (Much less.)

"You waited for me," she said, matching his tone. At that, he brightened. "Why, yes, of course! I want you to show me all the marvels of the human world!"

The star was quiet at first, then she said, looking at the grass in front of her feet: "I don't know any yet."
Ephaniel studied her for a long moment. Finally he said kindly: "Well, let me do the introductions, then!"

Inspired by the prompt "In Another Castle".


The idea of the trees being intimidating cracked me up-- unexpected, and then you find yourself wondering why that would be true for a star, what do stars think of trees really, and all kinds of other things.



Trees are pretty intimidating when they start talking to you. You involuntarily wonder what would happen if they now unexpectedly started walking, too - some of them are HUGE! ...

(Though we haven't seen them talk to the star yet.
We also haven't seen anyone getting kicked into the abyss, so there is still a lot left to discover.)

The real question, though, is: Who are the dead trees?


This is well done - you bring alot of depth to it with the combination of your dialogue and action. Nice!


This was very creative. I like it.


I liked the cosmos you created..a nice read!..:)


I am just so charmed by the star!

May Day

This is sweet! I like Ephaniel. He reminds me of an occasionally annoying, but always loving older brother. I love all the anthropomorphizing of nature, and the relatable characteristics given these inhuman characters. Well done!