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Talea Nea
"The Missing Star" — Fiction, ~400 words, Urban Fantasy, Part 1/? - Talea Nea
April 2019


"For me, it's always that Mary Poppins thing. I'll do it until the wind changes." Neil Gaiman

"Real writers, and real artists, finish books and move on to the next project." Holly Lisle

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Talea Nea
"The Missing Star" — Fiction, ~400 words, Urban Fantasy, Part 1/?

The Missing Star

One day the star stepped out of her room, went down the flight of stairs, missed a step and fell into the other world.

When she woke up for the second time that day she found herself in an empty house. The walls were dark, the images didn't move at all, and this time she could clearly see the hole in the staircase.

She looked around trying to not be intimidated. This darkish house! she thought.

Outside there was sunshine and grass as it was supposed to be but when she tried to fly she found that she could not.

She looked up. The sky was of a lovely clear blue colour. (But she couldn't fly!)

Unlike some she had never wanted to visit the other world, and now it seemed that her greatest concerns about it were all confirmed. (How could a world where she couldn't fly be worth living in?)

She tried singing — thankfully that still worked! She could sing, then. Good. If she now found a way to create a rainbow…
But the house was empty, no help there.

So she sang.

As long as she sang she felt warm and kind of safe, too. She didn't get the walls to glow for some reason but what could she expect of a world that was built from dirt and plants?
She sang some more until she fell asleep and visited her family.

"Where have you been?" they scolded her. "Your little sister had to take your spot today, and you know she's not ready to shine yet!"
"I've fallen through a broken staircase," the star said. "I'm currently lying in a human's house, sleeping on their wooden floor."
"Really?!" they exclaimed enthusiastically. "We didn't know you had it in you! And? Do you like it over there?" And they asked her a million questions, encouraging her to explore some more before returning.

"But I want to come back now! How do I get back? I need your help!" she exclaimed but she was already waking up to a new, still very faint, dawn.
"Don't worry," she heard them say from very far away. "We'll keep your spot filled in the meantime. You go and have fun in that other world…!"

"Fun," she murmured, looking around in that empty, darkish house.

Only a new chest of drawers was there with her, glowing softly. Singing really works, then, she thought, slightly relieved.

Inspired by the prompt "The Missing Stair". (See the making of in the comments.)


This made me think of Stardust, by Neil Gaiman, with the fallen star forced to live in the human world. Interested to see where this will go.


I thought of the same thing!

<3 <3 wet

I love the movie! I do own the book, even the illustrated one, I just don't remember if I've read it all. Hmm. ... I think I even read it before the movie, and then I was surprised that they put the whole year of his travels into one single week.
Oh, and in that week he got to learn swordfighting! Which was totally cool but never appeared in the book, lol. :D

Interested to see where this will go.
Oh, yes, I want to continue exploring that world now, too. A somewhat prequel is this story from a while ago, but the stars in that story's world work a bit differently, I think.

Thanks for your comment!

Rainbow Sparkles

I thought of that movie, too! :)

butterfly on flower

I'm glad you liked it. :)


Ooh yes-- I read that book also.

I do like how this star describes the human world, though-- made of dirt and plants, and how could that compare to the sky itself? Though we do have rivers and oceans.

When I started reading this, I was hoping it would be an actual star and not a celebrity. Much more interesting this way!


Though we do have rivers and oceans.
- She hasn't really seen much of that world yet, I think. But now you made me want to confront her with a big wide ocean on a windy day... :D

When I started reading this, I was hoping it would be an actual star and not a celebrity. Much more interesting this way!
- Absolutely. :)


I really love darkish as an adjective :) And I think it's so awesome that her family is really supportive! This is a sweet story.


Thank you! :) I like the reactions of the others as well; it puts it all into perspective! *g*


We are all starstuff, indeed ...

(b&w&c) frog

I know that expression! Where did it come from? I know that one...! *tries to remember*


I don't know, but Neil Tyson says it a lot. Maybe Carl Sagan?

golden mist

Oh, then that's where I got it from! I read his blog for a while and watched interviews with him. Ah, cool. Thanks for reminding me of that! :)
Neil has a great way to talk about writing and creativity and life.

No, wait. You said Neil Tyson. Don't know that guy. I meant Neil Gaiman...
Mybe all the Neils in the world like to talk about star stuff?

Edited at 2014-03-27 05:05 am (UTC)

Inspiration for this story

When I read the prompt "The Missing Stair" for the first time, I had the image of a stair in a staircase that was not quite there. You could see it, and then it would be gone.
And if you step on it, you will find yourself in that other world; like a trapdoor.

The first entries for LJ Idol appeared on my friendslist and on the second day I misread one of those entries. Instead of "The Missing Stair" I read "The Missing Star", and then I looked again - no, wrong, missing stair of course.
But I thought, what a fun idea! A star is missing!

In stories everything can be like a human. There even the stones can sing. So my star got to be a girl ('cause I nearly always write about girls).

I liked that idea of writing about a star much more than my first idea, but I still really liked the image of stepping on a stair that brings you over to its equivalent in that other world that so many stories like to talk about.

Just recently I had written for writerverse a story about a girl having tea with some nice stars (you must be a member to be able to read it); why not now show the other side? What about one of the stars visiting the humans?

So I used both ideas for my story, and since it has a fairly open end I would like to continue this story next week for the next prompt. I still want to see if she starts to enjoy living here!

Edited at 2014-03-26 08:04 pm (UTC)

Re: Inspiration for this story

I remember the Mrs. Ws in A Wrinkle In Time were heavily implied to have formerly been stars. And qween394 was just reading that book so it made me think of this. :)

Teacup Rose

Oh, I enjoyed this one! :)

smile (1)

Thank you! I'm happy that you liked it!

Solar Rainbow Flare

This was definitely a unique take on the prompt. :)