Talea Nea (taleanea) wrote,
Talea Nea

"The Missing Star" — Fiction, ~400 words, Urban Fantasy, Part 1/?

The Missing Star

One day the star stepped out of her room, went down the flight of stairs, missed a step and fell into the other world.

When she woke up for the second time that day she found herself in an empty house. The walls were dark, the images didn't move at all, and this time she could clearly see the hole in the staircase.

She looked around trying to not be intimidated. This darkish house! she thought.

Outside there was sunshine and grass as it was supposed to be but when she tried to fly she found that she could not.

She looked up. The sky was of a lovely clear blue colour. (But she couldn't fly!)

Unlike some she had never wanted to visit the other world, and now it seemed that her greatest concerns about it were all confirmed. (How could a world where she couldn't fly be worth living in?)

She tried singing — thankfully that still worked! She could sing, then. Good. If she now found a way to create a rainbow…
But the house was empty, no help there.

So she sang.

As long as she sang she felt warm and kind of safe, too. She didn't get the walls to glow for some reason but what could she expect of a world that was built from dirt and plants?
She sang some more until she fell asleep and visited her family.

"Where have you been?" they scolded her. "Your little sister had to take your spot today, and you know she's not ready to shine yet!"
"I've fallen through a broken staircase," the star said. "I'm currently lying in a human's house, sleeping on their wooden floor."
"Really?!" they exclaimed enthusiastically. "We didn't know you had it in you! And? Do you like it over there?" And they asked her a million questions, encouraging her to explore some more before returning.

"But I want to come back now! How do I get back? I need your help!" she exclaimed but she was already waking up to a new, still very faint, dawn.
"Don't worry," she heard them say from very far away. "We'll keep your spot filled in the meantime. You go and have fun in that other world…!"

"Fun," she murmured, looking around in that empty, darkish house.

Only a new chest of drawers was there with her, glowing softly. Singing really works, then, she thought, slightly relieved.

Inspired by the prompt "The Missing Stair". (See the making of in the comments.)
Tags: [creative] : fiction, [creative] : prompt, [creative] : wip, [genre] : fantasy, [genre] : romance, archive : 2014, fandom : original, language : english, project : lj idol, project : missing star
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