Talea Nea (taleanea) wrote,
Talea Nea

33. We Are Family

Once upon a time there was a very rich and very old man. He had a lovely wife and many, many children. He had powerful servants with gleaming swords, huge castles full of precious stones, secret caves and magical trees, and cattle on many, many hills.

And when time came the old man split the inheritance among his children to give a part to each one of them, and went into his most beautiful, gold-covered castle, to spend his last days on these treasured grounds with his wife, servants, and as many of his children who'd want to live in or near the castle.

There was only one condition on gaining the full inheritance, though: Each child had to stay in contact with him regularly so that the old man would have the chance to still be a part of their lives, to see them use his many amazing gifts, and so he could continue sharing his wisdom and great knowledge with them to help them in their own challenges.

But his children were adults now and did not appreciate any dependence on their father much at all. Wanting to live their lives freely, not bound to any rules, time-consuming visits and outdated morals, few of them tried to adhere to the inheritance conditions even just a little bit.

What their old father had worked for so hard and for such a long time seemed to vanish: The great family he had raised broke up and disappeared into all four corners of the world.

The old man sat in his glorious castle, nearly alone.

Empty rooms found and filled with childhood stories: 3

Tags: [creative] : wip, archive : 2013, project : write in the open, writing : word count
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