Talea Nea (taleanea) wrote,
Talea Nea

16. Good Choice!

Derrick said: "No." But because of that no cities weren't built, trees weren't planted, and his people never learned to fly.
Leon said: "Yes." And because of that yes dreams came true, new technologies were invented, and all dragons were shot down.

Derrick said: "Yes!" but that yes destroyed civilisations, burned any useful knowledge and tortured children and adults alike.
Leon said: "No!" and because of that no, worlds could get revived, fruitful trees filled the planet, and peace covered the earth from the rise of the sun to where it settles for the night.

What say you?

Pages filled with choices so far today: 1

Tags: [creative] : drabble, archive : 2013, project : write in the open, writing : word count
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