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Talea Nea

14. I wish my family'd calm down finally

Honestly, nothing much had happened anyway. It's not as if we're still in the last century. Sure I flooded their wardrobes and … erm, surprised my sisters somewhat, but no damage was done at all. Dad came to our rooms nearly immediately to see why he'd suddenly had that weight on him - from protecting the floors from getting any water damage! (Really, I had counted on that. … Ok, maybe not, I've forgotten floors could be damaged. Still, nothing bad can happen with dad in the house.) So he immediately blew all the water out of the window.

The clothes were nearly dry right away from all the power he had put into getting the water out, so they only had to hang in the garden for an hour or two. I even helped (had to help…) hang them up!

And then they forced me to fold all the clothes afterwards despite the many lines I still had to write! So, really, they got their revenge, and that harmless bit of water did no damage to anyone. Wasn't as if I'd flooded the entire house. That would have been more fun, I'd say, but not as harmless a joke as flooding three little closets.

Really. I don't get all the excitement here. Luckily dad's too cool to get worked up about nothing. (Nearly nothing.)

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