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13. Punishment

My lines are still not done yet but obviously that's only because I got interrupted so often.

So, there was breakfast, of course. I was allowed to eat with everybody on the terrace. We had freshly plugged strawberries with cream and waffles. Since I had been condemned to doing lines my sisters had to collect the strawberries. I hate it anyway: scratchy plants, hot sunshine without adequate distractions, and constant crouching. Horrible.

Instead I got to study the pranking manual and sigh horribly whenever my mother went through the living room (no need to pretend with my father who when he came through smirked and always took a minute to quietly explain to me the different ideas of the book!)

Breakfast was delicious and drawn out with everybody talking and laughing, and when the topic came to the lovely sight of floating clothes and rushing water my father started teaching us kids how to control the water even in that short moment before everything got flooded.

See, how good of me to flood the closets. Now they really have a motivation to learn!

Afterwards I continued studying the prank book, erm, I mean copying boring lines right until lunch - that my sisters had plugged again - when my mother complained to dad that she couldn't decipher my scrawl and maybe she should just send me making firewood instead.

Horrified I tried to look as eager as possible and mentioned how MUCH I would prefer even the hardest woodmaking labor to writing down lines on the seven boring virtues.
Luckily that convinced mother to indeed punish me a little longer with writing lines so that I would be able to finish all the rule books my sisters had gleefully forced on me.

That is why instead of hacking away behind the shed I'm sitting in the safe and cool living room again, transforming all my lines into exciting stories on how the seven virtues got utterly messed up by overeager little girls strangely similar to my own sisters, a nice cool glass of lemonade next to me, looking forward to this new summer day because I'm sure my father will find some pressing need again to have me around him, 'helping' him, in the afternoon.

Yes, I'm suffering deeply in my punishment. In the morning I'm doing the hard work of writing stories that I upload at night so that they can start earning me a nice pocket money by the next day, and in the afternoons we're to the lakes, visiting grandpa, and preparing barbeque dinner with dad - yes, I think I will survive these holidays quite nicely no matter how much I might happen to prank my dear sisters!

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