Talea Nea (taleanea) wrote,
Talea Nea

LJ Idol — Exhibit B — Week 0 — The Introduction of Anna On The Moon

This is Anna: annaonthemoon.

I like her; she has this friendly earnestness about her and loves to travel a lot, as do I. (In my dreams. Not sooo much in real life, though; I'd be completely content with a teleporter but for some reason they still haven't invented one yet. Really, how many more centuries will it take them?)

The reason I got here so late is because I needed to visit Anna for our interview. Only my spaceship is one of the older vehicles, not as fast as the modern blink-of-an-eye traveler units at all.

So, she lives in one the covered mooncities. They are creating a real atmosphere there, too, but until they're really sure it all works properly and doesn't just randomly explode into nothingness like it did on Mars they'll have these nice glassy domes covering their cities. … Being new to the moon I didn't figure out how to get in through the dome for a few hours, too. (And no interweb connection to look it up. Whoops.) … Well, now I know!

I followed her tweets through the city but lost her at one the way too many travel stations. … Sorry. No interview today. I guess my ship really is too slow for anything but cruises; it can't be anywhere on time.

There hasn't been a new update so she either went underground or traveled back to Earth. Or maybe even Venus? It would take ages for me to reach it! I know that because I once or twice was there in my childhood; it took us nearly the whole holidays to reach Venus. I remember it as the jungle planet. Everything was jungle! … Honestly? I prefer Earth.

Anyway. She's really nice, I know that. Anybody who's called 'Anna' must be a lovely person. I'll catch up with her later in Idolland, though. Meanwhile allow me to explore the moony mountains until I have to leave again in my uncommonly slow spaceboat. I hear they managed to clear out the last of the dragons' nests. I would hate getting stung by them while being this far away from home.
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