Talea Nea (taleanea) wrote,
Talea Nea

12. I wanna play, too!

My sisters hate me. I've done nothing, honest!
Nearly nothing. Flooded their closets. You know, that kind of magic: The water can't move until someone opens the door fully.

So in the morning they opened their wardrobes to grab new things and maybe had a chance to get a glimpse the wall of water in front of them, their clothes floating in it — and then all the water splashed out! Very much fun. :D

I admitted to nothing of course but I guess I should have flooded my closet, too. Whoops.

Now I have to sit here while THEY are out playing joyfully and loudly enough to drive home that they are having GREAT fun while I get to have none, and have to write down lines.

You know, the standard things… How Not To Use Magic. How To Be Nice To Your Sisters. The Seven Virtues Explained. It's Not Called Magic But Spiritual Power! — Grr. Who cares how it's called?! To say 'magic' is easier!

And nobody in this house understands how to have a little bit of fun. … Ok, maybe except for Daddy. When everybody got to choose a rulebook for me to copy, he slipped me The Extended Summary of Pranking For Dummies. Heh. Maybe next time I'll not get caught.

But still. Outside they're having fun and loving the early summer warmth.
And I have to stay in until I manage finish writing up all my lines… ew. That could take days. :(

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