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8. Home, sweet home

I'm in healing mode right now. Yes, I got back home. I slept most of the last 24 hours barely waking up when my wife changed my bandages, or tried to get me conscious enough to get some medicine and water into me. Really, it wasn't that bad, why am I so exhausted?
My ear is still ringing, but at least I have stopped shaking randomly. That didn't feel particularly healthy!

I might be writing a little bit during the day, after all I have little else to do now but to sleep and rest until I have to join the next fight.

At least now I get a break. There have been times when I had to continue working and fighting even after big battles, for month or years on end, because there were so few warriors built up yet.
It's hard to hold newly conquered ground when you have few troups and little support. I'm glad those times lie behind us.

Updates (2)

- one page (another WIP)
- another page

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