Talea Nea (taleanea) wrote,
Talea Nea

7. Rainy Days

I and some others went further down the mountain searching for caves and anything that needs cleaning up. We still had to find those giant dragon's keeps somewhere on or in the mountain.

Well, surprise, we found something. We got locked into one of the caves actually — you know, ancient disgusting trapmagic and that kind of thing. Took us the whole night again to break it and most of us are still sick, but the magic has left nearly completely by now and the treasures were so worth the effort.
They should be enough to revive the whole area around the mountains and kickstart the beaten up economy of this particular country. Useful. I love great booty like this.

I'm telling you, dragons are a total pest.

I'm not sure how much I can get done today of anything. I'll probably just get back up to see if my reinforcement has arrived yet. They should be there by now. And then I'll just rest and sleep off the stinky magic.
My wife'll be excited to see me come home like that, a total wreck. But that's warfare. Painful, ugly, dirty, and the big wins are worth any hardship.

I might write up some post-battle dreams that are bound to come in now. They're important, you know, telling you were to find stolen treasures, how to heal the wounds and sicknesses, and when to call for more reinforcements because the dragons try to return.

... Am I not always on duty?

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