Talea Nea (taleanea) wrote,
Talea Nea

5. Late Sunrise In The Mountains

I got awoken tonight at three a.m. but not understanding why, thinking maybe the leader had made an error waking me up this early, I went back to sleep.
Oh, what a mistake! I battled in my dreams for over four hours against murderers, bounty hunters hired by murderers, and at least one dragon. I know there was still more.

I have forgotten many details of the dream - dreams? It happened on several layers and behaved like stories told, and retold differently.
Highly interesting to watch them and be part of them, but a bit too exciting for my taste.

Had I instead chosen to stay awake and prepared myself strongly for the day ahead as I always do in the morning then I would have seen the alp sneeking up on me, trying to kill me. Not that it worked seeing that I'm still nicely alive; that thing was no match for me.
But it kept me busy with its rubbish when I should have been working real work, not dealing with dumb little ugly monsters that I could have slain within minutes had I been awake when it came to me.

Well, so I learn. Next time I'll get up when I am woken up.

If I will have time for it I shall still write during the breaks; some little alps eating my time won't stop me here. Now I even have additional dream stories to tell and … to make sense of, really.

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