Talea Nea (taleanea) wrote,
Talea Nea

3. Singing Hymns on Mountain Tops

We arrived at the mountain top short before sun set. Two dragons fought us for it; big ones this time, not tiny swamp dragons. — Strangely enough they fell both within an hour or two. I had prepared myself for a drawn out battle in bad light conditions but some well-placed arrows took care of them sooner then expected.

Just as well, I got to sleep and now have most of the day to make some notes in peace while everybody is working. Mountain tops are the most magically powerful places in the whole wide world.

Updates (2)

Whenever I tried to write during a break today I failed. I now have several first sentences that I could probably turn into nice stories, but they weren't what I wanted to write.

One last try before going to bed.

I got one page. I know, impressive. But it's quite late already, no time for more today.

Tags: [creative] : wip, archive : 2013, project : write in the open, writing : word count
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