May 28th, 2019


A fun SF kickstarter for writers

In case anyone is interested in good writing courses, there is a kickstarter that is ending soon whose stretch goals give rewards of a writing lecture (1 hour of videos), a writing workshop (6h), and two lecture bundles on writing business oriented topics.

Pay just 5 bucks and get them all!

The kickstarter is for an already finished SF novel (260,000 words long) and its two companion books full of false starts, essays, and making offs (interesting for writers, I think) of that SF series by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, an award-winning, long-time author.
She and her husband Dean Wesley Smith have done several successful kickstarters already and created all the rewards themselves, drawing from an experience of 30+ years of writing and publishing.

I like their writing books and courses and am looking forward to all those rewards.