March 10th, 2014


Not An Introduction

The dreamer is dreaming. You might want to come back another time.

Or you could go explore the castle but be careful around the roots, watch out for anything that glitters, and follow the tiny lights; they're the doors to the other worlds.

Keys are in the corridor, the second door to the left leads into the night garden with the golden ladders.
Don't try the attic just yet, we need to arm you first.

Try not to fall into any books. You might not be ready for your own, personalized story. Blue sky is available at the right-hand side; the kitchen is two storeys up because otherwise the ice would have melted a long time ago.

The rainbow, though, leads back home again if you really want to leave already. And in the dining room the hatter hosts a surprise party for all the unexpected guests that have dared to show up.

Welcome to Otherland. Here all stories are already true.