LJ Idol Homecoming

Oh dear. What am I doing?

My kids want me to participate.

That's my excuse for now. I'm a little intimidated.
I remember how hard it was last time. But I also remember the fun. So...

I would like to do it. I'll see how it works out. It'll be fun to write again. Therefore:

I'm in.

You are coming, too, right? (I've seen some of you in the comments already entering! Looking forward to it all!)

Another fun Kickstarter!

In my last entry I told you about that Kickstarter that this writing couple (Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith) did half a year ago, and those of you who took part in it got these wonderful stretch goal rewards of a lecture (1h long teaching on a writing topic) from Dean or Kris, a 6h long writing workshop, and two lecture series (6h or so) and got to see the quality of their teaching materials (developed by both but mostly taught (on camera) by Dean).
(I really like their courses, and they have interesting, rather unusual topics on writing. The reward I got from the last kickstarter really helped my writing move forward, which was great!)

So right now another Kickstarter by those two is running, this time mostly done by Dean.
It has another 53 hours left and they have nearly reached the 5th stretch goal which is a lecture series they just recently finished to film, and they have another nice stretch goal for writers right after that.

So if any of you like their style or are interested in weird fiction (the magazine they fund through this Kickstarter) or want to sample their teachings this Kickstarter might just be the thing for you!

I most look forward to the classic workshop reward that is in one of the stretch goals the Kickstarter has already reached, but I would be delighted if they'd reach the 30k reward level somehow! The rewards are wonderful!

"So here is the total if we can somehow hit $30,000 with this Kickstarter.
-- One extra Issue of the magazine on your subscription.
-- 6 different books in electronic format.

And for the writers or your writer friends...
-- Choice of lecture ($50 value)
-- Choice of Classic Workshop ($150 value)
-- Myth Lecture Bundle ($200 value) ($25,000 level...NOT HIT YET!)
-- Pop-Up 6-10 Bundle ($600 value) ($30,000 LEVEL...NOT HIT YET!)

And yes, any reward or any of these extra stretch rewards can be gifted.

A fun SF kickstarter for writers

In case anyone is interested in good writing courses, there is a kickstarter that is ending soon whose stretch goals give rewards of a writing lecture (1 hour of videos), a writing workshop (6h), and two lecture bundles on writing business oriented topics.

Pay just 5 bucks and get them all!

The kickstarter is for an already finished SF novel (260,000 words long) and its two companion books full of false starts, essays, and making offs (interesting for writers, I think) of that SF series by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, an award-winning, long-time author.
She and her husband Dean Wesley Smith have done several successful kickstarters already and created all the rewards themselves, drawing from an experience of 30+ years of writing and publishing.

I like their writing books and courses and am looking forward to all those rewards.



Idea generation is fun, too

I'm going through a short fiction course at the moment. I think it's great so far. I wonder how well it will work but it is already so much better than most of the books and other courses I've seen or read on that topic, so I'm happy.

The first lesson was on idea generation, the next will be on outlining. I will get it next week, this one I'm busy with the homework: generating more ideas.

That has the disadvantage that some stories want to be written right away and can't first be developed and outlined. That's fun, too.

So far I love this course. And that is rare.

Long Form

Today I started a new story for the third time. This time it sounds good, and I'm already bored by it, too.
1800 words of prologue done... And only now the real story starts.

Once it bores me I must remember to switch and introduce new trouble or a gag or something interesting. Fascinating. Something fascinating would be better.

I do that automatically with my short fiction. I don't know if it will be automatic with longer works, too. (Longer fiction is so earnest, to me. I've always had a hard time having fun with it.)
Nanowrimo 2013

(no subject)

Today I checked out the links I had to prompt communities and the like.

WriterVerse still lives, more or less, the others not so much.

LJIdol is not on LJ (what's in a name, hello?) but still active which is cool. Only I can't participate in it because it's already running and therefore closed to new players. But I can vote and stuff. And write to these prompts on my own.

I need to redo my blog a little, I think. The links are from 2014/2015 when I was last active here.
And now, what now? I'll see. Doesn't matter. I'd like to write again for real.

(b&w&c) frog

Or Not

No, I won't. I'm writing at two computers and I don't want to run from one to the other to count all the words I write. But I want to blog again. I just feel that I have nothing to say. Maybe I have little stories I write, from time to time, but I didn't want to blog them.

Maybe I should write the little stories. Maybe I should write the big stories. Maybe I should just write stories, and follow the prompts.
Maybe I should write cryptically and confuse everybody. Er. Not...

I wonder where the prompt communities are nowadays.

A new series

Hi there :)

I want to try something new: I'm starting a new series of posts. In them I will say a few words, and then post the last day's writing output.

I used to do something like that a few years ago, back when we were still doing Challenges and Nanowrimo and I and some of my LiveJournal friends had formed a little writing community. I don't know what's left over from that time. I haven't been writing in this journal much, after all.

I do know that writing together with others is more fun than writing alone, but in the end everyone has to write alone. We're sitting alone in a room, making stuff up, Dean Wesley Smith always says.

Yesterday I wrote 784 words, all made up.